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Debt Collection UK

Echo’s new consumer research report looks into the current picture of debt recovery processes in the UK and the impact they have on customers, both good and bad. We’ve examined the behaviours, attitudes and experiences of 1,500 UK households to paint a true picture of debt recovery and who’s getting it right and wrong. The

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Are you aware of the benefits of debt management plan?

Debt management plan can be beneficial for you if you’re struggling to keep up with your monthly payment. The credit counselors associated with the debt management companies can help to negotiate with the creditors to lower the monthly payment. The counselor may determine a budget plan after reviewing your financial situation. He may conduct a credit

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Kaviraj Singh speaking at CMS world Forum with FENCA at Madrid, Spain

MR. KAVIRAJ SINGH, PRESIDENT OF NBAI (FOUNDING PARTNER – TRUSTMAN & CO) WILL PRESIDE CMS WORLD FORUM AS AN EMINENT SPEAKER, AT MADRID ON OCT 16th – 20th 2012. Mr. Kaviraj Singh will share the will share their experiences on best practices, trends and challenges for the collections industry in the BRIC panel and there will

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Debt Collection by Debt Purchaser

When debt goes bad, banks may sell it to investors at a steep discount. The debt buyer then typically tries to sue on the account to collect more than over they paid. And their lawsuits are usually the ultimate straw forcing people bankruptcy, where the debt buyer usually needs a share of any compensation too.

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Pay Debt through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are struggling to make your ends meet as your monthly repayments are relatively higher than your disposable income, chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you out. Although the chapter 7 bankruptcy laws were tightened in 2005 to prevent abuse and there are new restrictions on filing, it is still possible for most people to

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Debt Collection Outsourcing India

India has attracted many technology jobs in recent years from Western nations, particularly the United States. Now, it is on its way to becoming a hub in another offshore outsourcing area – debt collection. According to the industry report, units of General Electric, Citigroup, HSBC Holdings and American Express have used their India-based staff to

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The debt collection business is a relatively new concept in India. Like many modern tools, this business was also introduced to India by foreign businesses who came to India in horde in early 90’s and brought with them myriad modern tools, practices and systems. Like other sectors, banking also witnessed a large scale foreign firms

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