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Transactional Documentation

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Drafting and vetting of Commercial Contracts including Agency and Distributorship Agreements. It has experience and specialized skills in negotiating and drafting various transnational documents including Shareholders Agreements, Stock Holders Agreements, Stock Purchase Agreements, Acquisition Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements. It help our Clients flesh out a deal and put meat on the bones and we believe in drafting deal documents in advance of a deal so that the process moves forward in the hope that the deal catches up. We help out clients understand established customs in similar transactions. With our multi disciplinary practice areas, we not only concentrate on the immediate transactions but focus on potential future disputes and the manner of regulation.

Due to the unique characteristic of IP, IP transactions including acquisition, licensing, financing (in which IP is securitised) raise issues distinct from transactions that involve other types of property. We understand the basic principles of IP that are relevant to transactional practice. Our lawyers have had the experience of negotiating and drafting Patent and High Technology Agreements, Licensing and Franchise, Consulting and Know-How Agreements, Joint Development Agreements, Mass Market Licences like Shrink Wrap and use basedlicences, Licensing of Software and Source Code Escrow Agreements, Motion Pictures for multi media use, photographs etc.

It is adept in drafting Agreements specific to different industry sectors and technology areas.