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Legal Due Diligence

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Law Firm undertakes due diligence exercise of business, legal and financial affairs of corporate bodies and helps clients to assess business proposals, identify possible legal problems, thus help clients in taking informed corporate decisions.

Regardless of the situation, while entering into business contract with other company & individuals can expose an organization/ company to a myriad of complex situation. Today, virtually all businesses are in some way affected by global enterprise. Law Firm understand that skilful navigation through unfamiliar situation, prospective partner, laws and regulations, treaties, customs and tariffs, bureaucracy, language barriers and unknown business practices is critical to an organization’s success in the global marketplace. Whether a business crosses one or many borders, law firm provide strategic legal advice that helps its clients seize and maximize the available opportunities while also managing and minimizing the risks.

To minimize such risks means to manage them efficiently. As a matter of our longstanding experience Law Firms attorney know that risk can be narrowed down to the minimum. And it really does not matter what is your companys business, how many partners you deal with, whether you work at home or foreign markets.

The risk management formula designed by our specialists is the following:

  • Your business partner initial check up.
  • Monitoring and regular analysis of your cooperation process
  • Comprehensive legal due diligence of your partner including the specific business transaction and inform you what you can expect while entering into such contract.

Due to specific character of your business, we consider how the work of a company should be organized so that in case a problems appears it could be quickly effectively fixed. Among others, Law Firm analyse how well accounting of financial relationships with partners, customers and suppliers is organized and whether it is compatible with your companys policy. Compatibility is highly important for maintaining long term business relation.

During a certain period of time, we monitor and submit to a client reports on all changes with the queried company that could affect on the performance of its commitments.

The principal items of our monitoring –

  • Registration data changes (shareholders, directory, share capital)
  • Changes in the working of the company
  • Changes in Risk net database
  • News collected from the mass media
  • Your advantages when using the monitoring service
  • Your partners state of business control
  • Decisions are taken quickly and adequately the changing situation
  • You get recommendations of our experienced specialists

Concluding a deal, the partners hope for the best. But anything can happen in business. Probably you are quite well aware of that. That is why the contract text should be worked out as correctly as possible even if you are sure the deal will work 100 per cent. Examine every single item, just to be on the safe side.

In our practice Law firm has seen a lot of different contracts: some better, some worse. But whatever the contract contents are we are interested in that regarding only one aspect. As you must have already guessed law firm are concerned to what extent the contract terms can be helpful in case of a smooth functioning. Law firm is sure that whether your counterpart is situated abroad or is your country resident the contract should be equally scrupulously scrutinized. Though it is understandable that you should be more sharply alerted if you deal with a foreign partner. In this case you should know all the twists and turns not only of your country legislation but also of the international contractual law.

During the last several years we have been acting as an independent expert regarding contract projects. That experience enables us to share with you a lot of useful information.

A business/ legal audit may be necessary to determine which legal and structural issues the enterprise faces. Law Firm has a wide range of experience in assisting with all of these matters. Law Firm’s Business Group benefits clients in several ways.

Planning & Preventive Measures –

The law firm’s vast experience allows it to foresee many of the potential pitfalls and to develop plans to prevent them.

Problem Solving –

 Law firm provides innovative, solutions-oriented approaches.

World Class Experience  –

The law firm knows from experience how to identify relevant issues and implement the most effective course of action.

Connections – 

The law firm has access to sources of capital and to consultants who can provide financial guidance, business valuations and other resources.