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Intellectual Property Right

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Intellectual Property Right (Patent) practice is a strongest practice group of Law Firm and its attorney are having average experience of 11 years. Its attorney are well versed and experienced with India, US, European IPR law. The Law Firms attorney is registered attorney / agent for filing of Trademark, patent and copyright.

The Intellectual Property Attorney works with its clients to identify what intellectual property client may own and help ensure that it is fully protected under India law. Law Firm also helps its client maximize the return on your creative efforts and avoid unexpected expenses. Law Firm counsels individuals and businesses, handling intellectual property matters in India and internationally. Please click here for more information on Basic Patent Law India.

Law firm offers the following services of –

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Design Law
  • Patent Foreign Filing License (FFL)
  • Patent PCT Application Filing
  • Trade secret law
  • Intellectual property portfolio review
  • Licensing and assignment issues
  • Patent, trademark, Design and copyright searches India
  • Litigation to enforce intellectual property rights in India
  • Drafting the application
  • Filing the application for registrationery
  • Proof reading of the patent and trademark
  • Protecting the Intellectual property right, Infringement and Passing-off actions
  • Representing the client before the office, if there is any objection for registration
  • Interacting with various government departments on intellectual property matters and for obtaining various permissions
  • Agreements for the use, supply, licensing and maintenance of software and hardware
  • Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights and agreements

This subject is one of the fastest growing legal fields in India, specially after the signing of GATT and it is also cheaper to register the same in India. With the revolution of information technology, a multitude of problems has cropped up that demand immediate legal assistance. We are involved in all kinds of Intellectual Property Rights matters including Trade Marks, Patents, Copyright and Designs. We are consulted on a variety of agreements dealing with use, supply, licensing and maintenance of hardware and software, annual maintenance contracts and the supply of computer services. We also provide advice on the creation and protection of intellectual property rights.

Commercial issues in joint ventures and other agreements for the provision of telecommunication and other services

  • Basic Patent Law USA
  • Basic Patent Law India
  • Patent Act, 1970
  • PCT Application India
  • Patent (Amendments) Act 2005
  • Trade Mark Act
  • Patent Rules India
  • Patent Search
  • Trademark Law India
  • Trademark Registration India
  • Design Patent Law India
  • Copyright Law India
  • Patent Foreign Filing License (FFL)
  • Patent (Amendments) Act 2002
  • Trademarks Amendment Act 2010.